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Jayson Jones grew up on the Hudgins Ranch near Sherman Texas and is a third generation cowboy. Jayson has cowboyed most all his life. After graduating from high school he left the Sherman, Texas area and moved to west Texas to attend college, and it was there he started day working on area ranches. Cowboying has always been a great love for Jayson, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him. In 1995 while working for the Douglas Cattle Company Jayson made his first pair of spurs.

The cost of a new set of handmade spurs on cowboy wages just seemed to be too much for this working cowboy, so he decided he would give it a try to make a pair himself. He's been building handmade cowboy gear ever since then. Today working cowboys, traders, and collectors are waiting in line to get a piece of Jayson's work. Jayson has continued to work on ranches since moving to west Texas. He later became the ranch foreman for the Beggs Cattle Company on a lease ranch near Whiteface Texas. After leaving Beggs in the winter of 2006, Jayson moved to Colorado where he is presently playing music with the world famous Flying W Wranglers.

Jayson has been playing and performing music since the age of eight. When not playing music with the Wranglers you'll find him in the spur shop keeping up with the highly demanding orders. Jayson also starts and trains horses in his little bit of spare time, trying to keep his hand in the horse world.

Jayson has been feature and numerous articles in magazines and newspapers for his artistic craftsmanship including The Cowboy Magazine, Southern Living, The Hub, and many more. Jayson's work is in demand all over the world. His work is represented in just about every state in the US and many foreign countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, South Africa, UK, and others. If you are interested in a piece of Jayson's work feel free to contact him!